A Little Boy Spirit – Timothy


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This post and story is about an excerpt from a chapter in the book called ‘Timothy’ that I hope you will like.

It is a true encounter with a little boys’ spirit. The photo above is an unexplained paranormal picture that was sent to my cellphone. I think it is eerily awesome that spirits can manipulate electronic devices in various ways that proves there is life beyond the grave and our present lives. Spirits and otherworldly beings live amongst us and how they communicate with us is through our beliefs that there is an afterlife. All you have to do is listen…


We were living in the house in Deseronto and it was early summertime. We were still settling in the house and Darrell had gone to work. I hadn’t found a job yet and I was on the computer doing some research. I would usually check my email and then research things on the Internet. I had my cellphone beside me on the computer desk when I heard five dings from my cellphone for text messages, one right after the other. I waited a minute before checking to see whom they were from.

As I picked the cell up, the sender displayed on the cellphone was ‘Unknown’. I scrolled down to see five pictures on my cell: two of a little boy, two pictures of my bed with what appeared a running shoe, and one picture of the bedroom floor beside my bed.

I looked at the pictures of the little boy and they were a bit blurry. The smiling faced boy looked to be about six years old with red hair, but his one eye looked a bit droopy and deformed, his teeth looked crooked and jagged, and his left ear looked deformed, or folded over. I looked at the photo thinking, oh this poor little boy, but I had never seen him before nor did I know of a little boy like him.

I looked at the pictures of my bed. A depression was on my bed as if someone was sitting on it. In the picture, the bed was made. The other picture was the side of my bed and the floor with a single running shoe upside down on the floor up against the side of my bed. Weird. But on that day, all of that particular bedding was in the washing machine and I had later hung it out to dry in the sun on the clothesline. My bedding wasn’t back on my bed until 5 pm that day.

I texted Darrell at work after I had looked at the pictures and asked him, “Did you send me these photos?” By coincidence we had texted each other at the same time and asked each other if we had sent them to one another. We both said no saying that this is too weird. “What is going on?” I also texted him, “Our bedding is still in the wash right now!”

He texted back, “Really?”

I told him, “It looks like a ghost.” The photos weren’t normal.

I waited until Darrell got home and we checked our cellphones and we confirmed the photos. After checking Darrell’s text messages more closely, he only received five pictures of exactly the same photo with the bedspread and the running shoe. He did not get the photo with the little boy ghost or the photo of the bed and floor. We both felt the whole ordeal of receiving these photos simply unbelievable. Why would we get these photos in the first place? They were all sent at exactly the same time to each of our cells from an unknown number. We knew it was the little boy’s spirit that had sent the photos to us, but why? We didn’t know the answer, and the strangest thing was the boy sent me a photo of himself. I believe the depression on our bed was of him sitting on it. I was getting creeped out by all of this while I was talking to Darrell. No way he is sitting on our bed! How could he take photos with our cell phones, or did he? We couldn’t figure it out and then my mind got racing with all these different thoughts and images. What if he haunts us? What if he doesn’t like us? What if he does something to us? It seemed I always thought the worse.

Thank goodness Darrell is the calm one. He said we would deal with it when something happens. Well, if didn’t things start only a couple days later! I was feeling a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect or what this little boy would do or was capable of doing.

This all happened around the same time that we had switched rooms with Jay. I wondered if Jay had felt or heard things that he wasn’t telling us.

Darrell and I were laying in bed watching TV about 11:30 pm and I had fallen asleep. The TV was basically the only light illuminating our room, but we also had a small night light on in our bathroom. The bathroom was about twelve feet away from our bed and we heard the toilet seat crash down onto the toilet. It wasn’t like a slam, but it was like someone put it down. We both jumped up from fright.

Darrell got up to check it out. I was terrified and I sat up in bed to watch him. My heart was racing, now what? The bathroom was a small two piece bath with a storage area closet. He walked in and didn’t see anything. Darrell kept telling me it was okay. “Someone’s letting us know that they’re here.”

“Great!” We left the bathroom light on and I had one eye on the TV and the other on the bathroom. I was on edge and I had a strong intuition that we weren’t alone in our bedroom. Things were quiet after that and it was probably about 1 am that I dozed off .

The next morning I got up and checked out the bathroom to see if anything was different or see any signs of ghosts, and to my relief I didn’t see anything. I didn’t want to be alone in our room anymore. That day I went to clean the bedroom and I put the laundry away. I left the door open as I was sorting the clothes out on the bed. I was facing the bed doing the laundry with my back to the bathroom; the entrance door was was on my left . I noticed something was moving to my left , the bedroom door was slowly closing. I watched it close. I couldn’t believe it.

“No way!” I had a feeling it was…


There is more to the story as this was a short excerpt from the chapter.

If you liked it and would like to read more buy the book, the Kindle version is on sale on Amazon.com in the US for $1.61 and on Amazon.ca in Canada for $1.99.

Leave comments about the story on this post, it would be awesome to hear from you.




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