Quinte Horror Expo

Belleville, Ontario, CANADA
QHE 17 A

This is an awesome event that I also took a part in last year and I am sure it will be an even bigger one this year. If you like horror this event of delightful scary and bone-chilling vendor tables is for you. There is something for everyone.

Quinte’s collectible show in the horror genre. It has become an annual event and will get bigger every year. Featuring a large dealer room and special activities throughout that is geared up to make your skin crawl.

QHE 17 B

Throughout the event there are lots of things happening in both the Trent Room and the Belleville Room with guest speakers. Check them out!

I hope to see you there as I will be selling my book “Tormented By Ghosts” as well as having a Q&A between 12 and 1 pm in the Trent Room.


Organizer for the Event: Eventbrite

Tickets are $5.00 available at: horrorexpo.ca

Check out the events’ Facebook page

Mark Calendar for the 14 October 2017

Open from 11:00 till 17:00


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