The book is a paranormal thriller of my personal experiences. I was born and raised in Central Ontario, Canada. I have been a guest on KCOR Radio Real Paranormal Activity – The Podcast (S2 Episode 87) hosted by Aaron Hunter; and also featured on the first episode of Paranormal Survivor 3 titled Linda’s Tug of War which aired January 2017 on the Travel Channel in the US and Travel & Escape Channel in Canada.

I have worked in many different fields such as cosmetology, landscaping, a rental agency and as a cook. I am intrigued to learn many different things. I am a devoted mother to my two wonderful sons, my grandchildren, family and friends.

I love the country life and enjoy growing and tending to my own vegetable and fruit gardens. I am a huge animal lover and somewhat of a vegetarian, and I also enjoy playing guitar and singing.

At an early age, I went to cemeteries to read inscriptions of old headstones. Reading the headstones fascinated me to learn about past history. I have had many questions about death, spirits, and the afterlife and I have had a spiritual awakening becoming aware of being a sensitive and an empathy. I am compelled to give loved ones and those in spiritual healing, messages from spirit; and also in teaching others how to protect themselves from negative entities or the living.

Today, I will occasionally do spiritual readings with the tools and medicines I have been given. I am guided through my spirit guides and ancestors in making various indigenous crafts such as dream catchers, medicine bags, smudge feathers/fans and other crafts.

Creating the crafts takes me to another dimension as I make spiritual medicines for people who need spiritual healing. Each uniquely crafted item I make has a special spiritual meaning and purpose.

I especially love sharing my enlightening and phenomenal Near Death Experience to others. There is life beyond death, we all need to achieve a higher level of spirituality in this lifetime.

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