Book Reviews

Book Reviews

In my opinion, as an author, we should professionally and courteously show comradeship with fellow authors by supporting each other in our writing careers.  

We all love to read, tell stories and show a passion in our writing.

Reviews posted here will be honest and sincere. Every author needs to learn to become better writers. So what better way than to read an awe-inspiring novel, article or book. Give a fair critique and review a book so the author can get feedback from their readers.

How, what and why the reader either liked or disliked the book; see what worked or what didn’t work; or maybe to improve their writing style in the genre they writing about. Every review that an author receives would be welcomed – good or bad! That’s how we learn and grow.

Rating and reviewing books that Darrell or I have read will be added onto the website with the newest review listed at the top of this page. This will be ongoing and updated periodically.

I hope any visitors to the site, authors of the books that we have reviewed or anyone considering on buying a book reviewed here find the reviews helpful in their decision.


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I am Haunted: Living Life Through The Dead

by Zak Bagans (Author), Kelly Crigger (Author)

5.0 out of 5 stars  An Awesome Read From Zak’s Personal Paranormal Experiences

Reviewed By Darrell 
Submitted on Aug. 7 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Zak Bagans delivers an in-depth writing with compelling stories. I enjoyed the story lines, it was like going on a shoot with Zak and the rest of the Ghost Adventures Team looking through Zak’s eyes. He tells how he senses and provokes ghosts early in his career and later matures with more ghost hunting experience treating spirits with respect. Zak shows what he is like personally as a person. This is something you do not see on TV and is what people who read the book will come to realize. You get know him on a personal level and see how close the GAT actually are. Ghosts and spirits are just like we are, human! Only problem is dealing with negative ghosts or elemental spirits which can be dangerous and devastating to people who are sensitive to spirits or who antagonize ghosts. Those people have to deal with it spiritually or with demonology experts.
I co-wrote the newly released book Tormented by Ghosts with Lynda Bogert. I can personally see how close Zak’s empathy abilities and gifts with the paranormal are with Lynda’s. One part I enjoyed in the book that was unique was where he describes an paranormal experience. On location during an episode he went back to the time period seeing and smelling things from the past. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but that is an awesome ability to have, almost like a past life regression.
Overall an excellent book and I would recommend anyone who loves reading about the paranormal to buy it.




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