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Happy Customer Stephanie Dawkins

“So excited! I finally got my book from Amazon. It’s by an awesome lady named Lynda Bogert! Can’t wait to start reading it! Also came with a book mark that I can colour!!” Stephanie Dawkins – comment on Facebook 30 Aug 2016 

“Hope you don’t have anything to do. You won’t be able to put it down.”                         Melissa Barnhart – commented on Stephanie’s comment on Facebook 30 Aug 2016


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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

and in this book you will read the experiences of just such a woman. Followed and tormented from an early age on by a gamut of paranormal entities including ghosts, demonic entities, and poltergeist activity to name just a few. You will not be able to put this book down as she battles through to try to find some peace in her life. A must read for those experiencing paranormal activities and perhaps even more so for those living with or working with people who are also affected by paranormal experiences. A well written, fast paced book that you will not be able to put down. I did receive a ARC pdf of the book in exchange for an honest review, but to note I had already purchased the book and started it, so was more than happy to review.
Format: Kindle Edition

Absolutely amazing. It was so good I couldn’t get work done. I couldn’t put it down. It was one experience after another so it was constantly extremely exciting. I can’t wait to read the next book. I wish I had this ability. Reviews

on September 19, 2016
Amazing book, tales so vividly described you feel you are there!
Let Spirit guide you Lynda. I can’t wait for book 2!
on August 8, 2016
Appropriate title – scary stuff! Great read.
Dorothy Turk, Author

Goodreads Review

Joseph – 5 Stars – It was amazing · Review of another edition on the 13 Sep 2016

I can’t believe I read this book in less than 24 hours. I haven’t done that in ages! What’s more is I don’t read a whole lot of non-fiction. I prefer my reading to be completely made-up junk, but “Tormented By Ghosts”, by Lynda Bogert pulled me in right from the start.

The tone of the book, as you might not expect, is almost light-hearted and very casual. Going in I was afraid it would be about facts and sterilized paragraphs of documented happenings, but it was written more like a first-person fiction. It was that choice of style that really made things easy for me to adjust to the true story format and allowed me to focus on Lynda’s story.

From beginning to end, Lynda’s journey jumps from mysterious to frightening to hilarious and back again. It’s (brace yourself for a wonderfully cliche descriptor!) quite literally an emotional roller coaster of feelings that force you out of your comfort zone then butter you up with heartfelt moments that leave you ill-prepared for the torment to come!

“Tormented By Ghosts” isn’t a scary story. It’s a chilling tale with two clashing poles. One side pulls you to hope and happiness then the other side leaves you dreading the dark. I’m sure as hell never inspecting any bumps in the night ever again.